Jim Newman, late 20s, broke, working humiliating mini-jobs but desperate for people to take him seriously, finally lands a job guaranteed to change his life forever. Binocular, the number one social media website in the world, is hiring! Sure it’s entry-level, but it’s a foot in the door – and it beats asking, “Do you want fries with that?” 

Jim is a content moderator, making sure grandma isn’t exposed to some degenerate exposing himself on the site while she’s looking for the latest photo from her grandkid’s school play. To make things harder, he’ll have to contend with two sadistic cubicle mates, a drug-addled supervisor who self-medicates to numb the pain, and a perky occupational health consultant doing her best to keep everyone from losing their shit. 

Policing hardcore porn, racist tirades, and a beheading video or ten is going to take its toll, but it’s his chance to score a real career at Binocular and a better life... before his mind cracks from sifting through the absolute worst of humanity.

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